Movie : Ramleela Director : Sanjay Lella Bhansali Year : 2013   Set in a fictional village named Ranjaar supposedly in Gujarat, Ramleela’s plot is about a 500-year-old enmity between the Rajadi and Saneda clans. Ram and Leela are from different clans and belong to the families of clan heads. The movie is about the … Continue reading Ramleela


Movie : Geetanjali Director : Mani Ratnam Year : 1989 The song in which the female protagonist is introduced is shown in a garden. The film is named after her which already states the importance of the character. To introduce heroine and her happy go lucky nature the song is shot in garden with bubbly … Continue reading Geetanjali


Movie : Guzarish Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali Year : 2010   First scene shown in the movie is Sophia (Aishwarya Rai) unveiling the Sheer of windows and then around Ethan’s bed which is a metaphor and sort of reflects his past of Unveiling the curtains on stage before the show.   There is a … Continue reading Guzarish


  Film: Mayabazaar Director: Kadiri Venkata Reddy Year : March 27, 1957   Lights Camera Architecture started with studying the spaces but for Mayabazar it would not be fair on our part to not talk about the legendary characters, their personalities, their screen presence and impact they hold on the viewers. We have been wanting … Continue reading MayaBazaar